Below is a list of tracking modes that the BLOC Tracker has to offer.

There is something for every application, from instant live tracking every 5 seconds with location and speed right through to 24 Hour sleep patterns giving 433 days of tracking.

  • Activated by motion

    Activated by motion offers journey tracking once your BLOC starts moving.

    Perfect if you want to track and item or vehicle, it will give you speeds, distance travelled and allow you

    to view the journey on a map.

    Please note, this mode will use more power so remember to activate low battery alert.

  • Pursuit

    This mode puts the BLOC tracker into live track mode. The device will proceed to send live location/speed messages every 5 seconds.

    This is perfect for theft recovery or extreme sports and events.

    Please note, this mode will significantly reduce the battery life to a maximum of 20 Hours

  • Standby

    Standby puts the device into a state of sleep, The GSM is always away, but the GPS Modem is disabled.

    The device will not send any messages but it is always awake listening out for a mode change.

    This will last 21 days.

  • Asleep

    The asleep mode is primarily aimed at theft and recovery.

    The device will sleep periodically for the set amount of time chosen by you.

    The device will wake up periodically and do nothing unless you have changed the mode.

    For example, if you opted for 60 Minutes sleep, the device will wake up every 60 minutes to see if you have

    selected a new tracking mode since the previous 60 minute wake up. If the device notices that there is a new mode selected it will update and change to a live tracking state depending on the mode that you selected.

    The device cannot be communicated with between the sleep patterns unless placed back on the charging pad.

  • Periodic update

    The periodic update puts the device into a deep sleep mode waking up periodically.

    Whilst asleep the device cannot be communicated with as the modems are shut down until the next update, this makes it ideal for

    theft and recovery applications. If you need to change tracking mode you will need to select the mode and wait for it to wake up on its next periodic update time.

    However, if you physically have the BLOC tracker you can place it on the charging pad to wake it up between updates.

    Once an hour updates will offer up to 36 days tracking

    Once every 12 hours will offer up to 199 days tracking

    Once every 24 hours will offer as much as 240 days tracking

  • Power off

    This mode turns the BLOC Tracking device off completely.

    The device will need to be placed on the charging pad to become functional again.